Louisiana Over The Road Jobs

Are you ready to take your part in the trucking industry of the southern United States? With this region's focus on food manufacturing, retail, and industry, it's clear that the trucking industry plays a significant part in the area's economy. Becoming an over-the-road truck river in Louisiana can allow you to see a variety of states and enjoy a promising job outlook.

Louisiana has a significant need for truck drivers, and many truck driving companies especially need over-the-road drivers. According to O*Net, there are currently almost 25,000 tractor-trailer drivers in Louisiana. They expect that number to increase by 17% by 2020, leading to almost 1,000 new jobs per year (O*Net, 2010).

Salaries in this state are on par with national averages. The average truck driver, according to O*Net, earns $36,800 per year. They report salaries from $25,600 to $56,200 per year (O*Net, 2013). You may earn sign-on bonuses or a higher salary if you drive over-the-road.

There are many prominent truck driving employers in Louisiana. Some of the largest companies are TransWood, Groendyke Transport, A & R Transport, and Empire Express.

Featured Louisiana Trucking Jobs
Tons of Regional Lanes and Super Regional Lanes, $250 Paid Orientation for Regional CDL A Drivers, Safety and Production Bonuses, Late Model Trucks
Top Pay, Orientation & Training Pay, Driver & Family Focused, Late Model, CSA Friendly Equipment, 401K & Full Health Coverage, Tarp/OD/Hazmat Additional Pay

The first step to becoming an over-the-road driver is learning how to drive a tractor-trailer. Some people prefer to get a job first and then learn how to drive at their place of employment. However, if you want to be a competitive applicant, you should consider attending truck driving school first. This allows you to choose a trucking school that fits your schedule and offers enough training.

Earning a Class A license, which is recommended for most OTR drivers, generally takes about six weeks. As a trucking student, you can learn lots of what you need to know in an over-the-road setting. Your instructors may teach you how to provide proper documentation, how to properly weigh and assess your truck, and which federal driving laws affect truck drivers. This builds a foundation of knowledge you need to safely drive a truck. Most trucking schools in Louisiana provide lots of driving experience, so you can get experience driving in different settings and times of day. This is crucial—driving over-the-road may require you to safely and comfortably drive on different types of roads.

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles oversees the licensing of commercial drivers. After you pass the list of required tests, you can get your driver's license and start driving!