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Apply for Truck Driving Jobs in Chicago Illinois

Known for its busy roads and intense driving conditions, Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the Midwest for truck drivers. No matter which type of truck you’re interested in driving, there may be employers in Chicago ready to hire skilled, trained truck drivers. Jobs in this city range from local jobs to over-the-road jobs.

If you want to qualify for truck driving jobs in Chicago, you may need a CDL that’s valid in Illinois. You may also prepare for a trucking job by completing a training program in the Chicago area. Find out more about what it’s like to work as a trucker in Chicago!

Types of Trucking Jobs in Chicago

You may be able to look into several types of trucking careers in Chicago. If you have a Class B or Class C CDL, you may be interested in working as a local or regional driver. These jobs may keep you in the state of Illinois, keeping you from needing an interstate license. However, if you want to apply for OTR jobs, you may need a Class A CDL, as these jobs typically require interstate licenses. As an OTR driver, you may drive to other Midwestern states or even other regions of the country.

In Chicago, truck driving salaries tend to be slightly higher than average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average salary of $38,820 per year for light truck drivers. Their estimates show that tractor-trailer drivers in Chicago have a median income of $48,700 per year (BLS, 2013). The further you drive and more responsibility you take on, the higher your salary potential may be.

Join the Trucking Community in Chicago

Chicago is known for having quite a few resources for new and experienced truck drivers. Making the most of these resources can help you establish yourself in the trucking community and enjoy your growing career. For example, consider joining the Illinois Trucking Association, a local group that offers career support to truckers in several different ways. You may be able to get discounts on insurance, attend low-cost training events, find out about new opportunities in the industry, and network with other trucking professionals.

You may also wish to become familiar with the major trucking employers in Chicago. Some of these companies may hire new truck drivers that are ready to get started in the industry. Local employers include A&R Transport, West Side Transport, Earl L. Henderson Trucking, and TMC Transportation.

Chicago can be a great place for you to get started in a new trucking career. With the right training and licensing, you can find out more about what this city has to offer. Use our listings of Chicago area trucking jobs to learn more!