Hawaii Owner Operator Jobs

Are you ready to earn a commercial driver's license and begin your truck driving career in Hawaii? If you have business experience or if you're willing to learn all about the trucking industry, becoming an owner-operator might be the right choice for you. As an owner-operator, you'll be responsible for purchasing and maintaining your own truck, driving it yourself, and managing your business. Depending on which island you live on, there may be many shipping and manufacturing companies that may become our clients.

According to O*Net, the majority of truck drivers in Hawaii earn between $32,500 and $64,000 per year. They note that the average salary for truckers in this state is $42,500 (O*Net, 2013). You may earn more as an owner-operator; owner-operators can set their own schedules, take on as many loads as their schedule allows, and keep more of the money they earn. However, early in your career, your income may be lower. It's likely to increase as you gain more regular clients.

Furthermore, it's important to note that owner-operators do not get many of the same benefits as company drivers. You may have to pay for your own business insurance, out-of-pocket costs, repairs, and personal health insurance. Remember to include these expenses in your budget.

You may transport loads for many different companies and industries. You may transport loads for retail stores, manufacturers, and companies in the hospitality industry. Depending on what type of vehicle you drive, you may even transport tourists or other passengers.

There are several steps you must go through before you can become an owner-operator in Hawaii. First, you have to get your commercial driver's license. The first step is going to your local administrative office and applying for your learner's permit. If you pass the written test, you receive the learner's permit. From there, you can go back to your training school and learn how to drive a tractor-trailer.

You can get your commercial driver's license after completing your training program and passing your skills test. However, you aren't quite ready to work as an owner-operator yet. The Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs requires you to license your business. Since you own your own truck and are responsible for the loads you carry, you must carry business insurance and file the appropriate tax forms for business ownership. Once you complete this step, you can start advertising and begin your career.