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Apply for Truck Driving Jobs in Atlanta Georgia

If you’re ready to start your truck driving career in the large city of Atlanta, you may have quite a few options to consider! As you begin to look for trucking jobs in Atlanta, you may find jobs that allow you to drive within the city as well as those that take you to other parts of the state or country. You can use our site to explore your options and contact carriers. The application process can start with a quick conversation. If you’re ready to learn more about trucking careers in your area, use our site to get started!

Preparing for trucking jobs involves completing a trucking education program and getting a Class A, Class B, or Class C CDL. Learn more about trucking options in Atlanta to get started!

Looking for Local Truck Driving Jobs in Atlanta?

There are several different types of truck driving jobs in Atlanta. If you want to drive only in Atlanta and adjacent cities, you may consider becoming a local driver. This choice may give you the freedom to return home on a daily basis. In a regional job, you may drive to other Georgia cities or even slightly outside the state. With this type of job, you have a little bit more flexibility in where you drive and you may still return home every few days. You may drive throughout the United States if you take on an over-the-road job in Atlanta. Over-the-road jobs may pay more than other jobs.

The salary you earn as a truck driver depends quite a bit on which type of truck you drive. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who drive light trucks in this area earn an average of $35,210 per year. The average salary for a tractor-trailer driver in Atlanta is $42,460 per year (BLS, 2013).

Start Trucking in Atlanta

When you dedicate yourself to trucking careers in Atlanta, it’s important to make the most of your new job path by becoming part of the trucking community of Georgia. By communicating with other truck drivers and trucking company owners in Atlanta, you can learn more about what companies look for in drivers and discover new opportunities that may interest you.

You may naturally become part of the trucking community in Atlanta when you start the job application process. There are many large truck driving employers in this city, including A&R Transport, West Side Transport, Roadrunner Transportation Systems, and Groendyke Transport.
Joining a professional organization can be another great way to integrate yourself into Atlanta’s trucking community. The Georgia Motor Trucking Association brings together truckers from all over the state for competitions, training events, and safety/compliance updates.

The trucking industry is growing in Atlanta. By getting a CDL and finding out which type of trucking jobs you’re interested in, you can take the first steps in your new career!