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Trucking Jobs in Tallahassee, Florida

Are you ready to start comparing Tallahassee CDL jobs? We can help you find and compare trucking jobs in Tallahassee, Florida, today.

Qualified drivers can find many types of jobs available in the area. OTR, regional and local trucking jobs in Tallahassee are offered by many of the major companies. So if you want to come home every day, every weekend, or whenever the job is done, all you have to do is start looking for the right position.

Because it saves money, and sometimes lives, to hire the best drivers, many companies do their best to retain and recruit quality applicants. You can sometimes receive sign-on bonuses, 401K matching, PTO, health care and other benefits. That’s why it’s important to talk to each company you contact about the specific incentives they offer applicants, and what kind of room you would have to grow at their company as well.

Start your search for trucking jobs in Tallahassee today!

Driving in Tallahassee, FL

As the capital of Florida, you can bet the trucking industry is moving 24/7 in this city and surrounding areas. This is also the largest city in the northwest region of the state.

It’s safe to say the people and businesses rely on the local trucking industry to meet their needs in many ways. The city relies on I-10 for east/west and northern travel. Route 27 travels from the northwest side in the southern direction until it leads downtown. The locals know Route 90 as Tennessee Street and Mahan Drive, depending on which end of the street you’re on.

The residents can take StarMetro, which is the bus service throughout the city. With such a large population, you can bet there are traffic challenges. But if you already know the roads well, and have a knack for driving, you probably already have your shortcuts planned out!

Living and Working in Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee is a great place to live and work no matter what kind of lifestyle you want to lead. With the many cultural events and activities, university life, wonderful restaurants and business community that contribute to the appeal of the city.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers can earn a median annual wage of $40,260 year, according to 2015 data.

Talk to the companies listed below to learn more about the Tallahassee trucking jobs they have available, along with the salary and benefits you can expect if you start working for them.