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Get Started with a New Career by Applying for Greeley Trucking Jobs

The western part of the United States is known for its successful trucking industry. This is great news for aspiring and established truck drivers. Since Colorado trucking companies transport goods within the city, all over the state, throughout the region, or to other parts of the country, there are many different positions for truckers who are willing to work hard.

If you want to become a truck driver in Greeley, you need to get a commercial driver’s license that is valid in the state of Colorado. Unless you have prior experience driving a commercial truck, this often involves taking a truck driving course and then taking your trucking exams at the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles. Once you have your commercial driver’s license, you can get behind the wheel of a straight truck or tractor-trailer and start driving independently.

Types of Trucking Jobs

Colorado’s many trucking companies hire drivers for a range of positions. As you look at trucking jobs in Greeley, you may wish to consider different types of jobs. Over-the-road jobs tend to be plentiful in this area, as they require you to spend up to three weeks on the road for each trip. Because these jobs can be more difficult to fill, you may be able to earn bonuses or a higher salary if you commit to one.

Regional Greeley trucking jobs may take you to other cities in Colorado or other western states. These trips tend to last less than one week. Local jobs allow you to return home most frequently, since they only require you to drive in your city.

In the Greeley area, trucking salaries vary for light truck drivers and tractor-trailer drivers. The average salary for a light truck driver is $36,070 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Tractor-trailer drivers claim an average salary of $44,210 per year (BLS, 2014).

Join the Trucking Community!

Colorado has a strong truck driving community, which may make it easier for you to succeed and learn about your options in this industry. There are many large companies in Greeley, including Solar Transport, Swift Transportation, Groendyke Transport, and C.R. England.

You may also want to join a professional organization to connect with other drivers and learn about training opportunities in your city. The Colorado Motor Carriers Association is a large professional association for truck drivers across the state. You may join even while you’re still working toward your commercial driver’s license!

Is it time for you to find out what trucking careers are like in Colorado? Check out our employment listings below to learn about opportunities in Greeley and start applying for local, regional, and OTR jobs!