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Get Behind the Wheel in San Jose When you Apply for Trucking Jobs Below

If you are ready to start a truck driving career in an area with busy roads, lots of customers, and a reliable truck driving community, look into what San Jose has to offer. San Jose routes offer access to all of California, making this a big part of the trucking industry in California.

Technically, you can get hired for a truck driving job before you have your commercial driver’s license. However, before you can start driving independently and earning money, you must get your license from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Whether you want a Class A or Class B commercial license, this is the place to start.

Types of Truck Driving Jobs in San Jose

One of the benefits of working in San Jose is the fact that trucking salaries are considerably higher than national averages. Light truck drivers often drive local or regional routes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary in this field is $38,660 per year.

If you are considering OTR jobs, you may enjoy a higher salary range in exchange for driving longer or more difficult routes. The median income for this type of trucking job is $46,470 per year (BLS, 2015). Since California is so large, some OTR jobs may still keep you within the state.

Join the Trucking Community of San Jose

One of the most important things you can do when applying for semi driving jobs in San Jose is to get connected to other drivers. Having a professional community makes you feel more appreciated in your industry and gives you the chance to learn from others. The largest professional resource for truck drivers in San Jose is the California Trucking Association.

With membership in a professional association, you can attend training and networking events that are meant to help drivers advance their trucking careers. Options in and near San Jose may allow you to earn your hazardous materials certification, become certified as a supervisor or trainer, and learn how to drive more safely.

Truck driving is an exciting and rewarding field to work in. Get involved in the San Jose trucking industry now.