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Apply for Truck Driving Jobs in San Francisco Below!

As one of the largest cities in all of California, San Francisco has a fairly prominent trucking industry that may have numerous openings for skilled, trained drivers. By attending a trucking school in San Francisco and earning your commercial driver’s license, you may be in a great position to start working as a truck driver. Commercial shipping is one of the largest industries in San Francisco, so there are plenty of trucking employers in this area. Your new job may take you onto local routes like Interstate 80, Route 92, Interstate 580, Highway 101, and Route 87.

Whether you want to drive short distances on a daily basis or take on longer hauls, San Francisco may be the place for you. Find out what it’s like to work in San Francisco and what opportunities may exist for you in this city.

Trucking in San Francisco

As you look at San Francisco truck driving jobs, you may find that there are many different types of jobs you can consider in your search. In many cases, over-the-road jobs are the most common. Companies may hire drivers to drive long trips that may last up to three weeks. On these trips, you may see the country or earn more for the miles you drive. Regional jobs require less time away from home, as trips may only last up to three days. You can often return home every day or night with a local job, although these may be harder to find in a large city like San Francisco that relies on interstate transport.

You may earn a wide range of salaries in trucking jobs in San Francisco. Light truck drivers in this city claim a median salary of $41,200 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average salary for a tractor-trailer driver is $45,850 per year (BLS, 2013).

Join the Trucking Community

Whether you’re interested in OTR jobs, regional jobs, or local jobs, it’s important to establish yourself in San Francisco’s trucking community. This can have a profound effect on your career. Not only can it put you in contact with important people in the field, it may help you stay on top of industry expectations and opportunities within the San Francisco area.

Consider joining the California Trucking Association, which represents drivers from across the state via trucking careers resources, advocacy, regular training events, and networking events. You may wish to get involved in the Bay Area Unit, which specifically serves drivers from the San Francisco area.
Learning about local employers may be another great way to become an important part of the San Francisco trucking industry. In this area, major employers include Earl L. Henderson Trucking, Swift Transportation, and Transforce.
The trucking industry is waiting for skilled drivers! Get ready by contacting San Francisco employers today.