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Explore Your Options by Checking Out San Bernardino Trucking Jobs

As an aspiring truck driver, you may be interested in finding out what it’s like to drive in California and discovering the job potential in this industry. More and more of the country is starting to rely on the truck driving industry, and this is especially true in California! California’s large manufacturing and agricultural industries mean that local, regional, and dedicated truck drivers are in high demand.

Preparation is important in this field, so plan ahead by studying for your commercial driver’s license exam. Before you begin your career as a driver, you must apply for a CDL through the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Whether you’re interested in jobs that keep you close to home on a daily basis or jobs that require long trips, San Bernardino could have what you’re looking for! Keep reading to learn more and apply for trucking jobs in San Bernardino.

Types of Trucking Jobs

Whether or not you’ve ever driven commercially before, you may want to spend a little bit of time learning about different types of San Bernardino truck driving jobs. You may be able to apply for different jobs in this area, depending on what companies are hiring in San Bernardino.

  • Local: If you secure a local truck job in San Bernardino, you can plan on driving in or very close to San Bernardino every day.
  • Regional: Regional jobs require you to drive slightly farther than local jobs. For each trip you complete, yo may spend three to seven nights on the road.
  • Over-the-road: Over-the-road jobs may require the most time. These trips typically last up to three weeks at a time.

In general, truckers based in San Bernardino earn salaries that are higher than nationally reported salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that light truck drivers in this region earn an average salary of $39,820 per year. Those who drive tractor-trailers earn an average of $47,510 per year (BLS, 2013).

Join the Trucking Community!

Getting involved with the trucking industry of San Bernardino can help you learn more about standards, keep your license up-to-date, and learn more tips to help you drive safely and legally. As you explore trucking careers near you, look into joining a group like the California Trucking Association. This may give you the chance to connect with other truckers in your community.

As you apply for jobs, you may come across some major trucking companies. Local employers include Jacobson Companies, Swift Transportation, Hub Group Trucking, and Roadrunner Transportation Systems.

Whether you’re looking into local or OTR jobs, you can get started now. Check out local job listings below and start applying for jobs!