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Apply for Truck Driving Jobs in Los Angeles Below

Los Angeles is one of the largest and most well-known cities in California, thanks to its large population and its many businesses. This city has a sizable truck driving community of drivers that drive to other California cities, to other states in the southwestern United States, and even to other regions of the country! Los Angeles has a diverse economy that relies on truck driving with industries like manufacturing, shipping, and retail. No matter what type of truck you want to drive or how far you’re willing to drive, you may be able to find trucking jobs in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has a robust freeway system that can make your trucking job a little bit easier. Major routes in this area include the Golden State Freeway, the Harbor Freeway, and Venice Boulevard. Keep reading to learn more about the trucking industry and trucking careers in Los Angeles. And use our listings to find carriers that need drivers in your area today!

Opportunities for Truckers in L.A.

One of the benefits of starting your trucking career in a large city like Los Angeles is the variety of trucking jobs you can apply for. Some drivers choose to apply for local jobs, return home every night, and stick close to Los Angeles. Those who are willing to drive a little bit further may look into regional jobs. These jobs may involve slightly longer trips of one to three days each. Many trucking companies hire over-the-road drivers for OTR jobs, which may send you across the country on trips of one to three weeks. When completing long trips, you may receive higher per-mile pay or long-haul bonuses.

You may earn a range of salaries when applying for Los Angeles truck driving jobs. Light truck drivers earn a median salary of $33,780 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Tractor-trailer drivers earn a median income of $42,210 per year (BLS, 2013).

Join the Trucking Community

As you start applying for OTR jobs, regional jobs, and local jobs, you may want to become familiar with major trucking employers in Los Angeles. Some of the biggest trucking companies in this region include Saia LTL Freight, Earl L. Henderson Trucking, and Towne Air Freight.

You may want to become established in the trucking community of Los Angeles. This requires you to learn about industry standards, network with other professionals, and learn about new opportunities. Popular resources in the Los Angeles area include Harbor Trucking Association and the California Trucking Association.

Are you ready to begin a truck driving career in Los Angeles? If so, contacting local employers may be the best way to get started. Use our site to locate trucking jobs in Los Angeles today!