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Trucking Jobs in Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas can offer prospective truck drivers a variety of opportunities, whether you want to work regional, flex fleet, OTR, or team driver positions in the industry. Because companies want the best drivers, qualified individuals can often find jobs that offer nightly or weekly home time, generous benefits, priority dispatch, and other incentives that keep drivers happy and loyal.

Your first step should be contacting the employers listed here that want to talk to you about the positions they need to fill. Be sure to contact several companies to compare the benefits and jobs they have available to find the best fit for your skills and lifestyle.

Driving in Little Rock

The Arkansas highway system runs over 16K miles long, with the longest stretch being Route 67, which runs from Texarkana to the “boot-heel” of Southeast Missouri. Since many populations in Arkansas are grouped in small communities, the need for the highway system is crucial.

In 1999, Arkansas launched an innovative project to update its highways and continues to update its system, which is unique compared to the system adopted by most other states. For example, in Arkansas, highways are divided up into sections that are only signified on mile markers, and can be confusing to travelers outside the area. However, with the wide use of GPS and navigational systems, these discrepancies are easy to navigate; especially if you are already familiar with Arkansas highways or want to work local routes in the Little Rock area.

Living and Working in Little Rock

For drivers who pursue work in the Little Rock transportation industry, you can expect to earn a median wage of $15.36 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Drivers can work for several trucking companies, as well as public and private companies that have their own trucking services to move goods and provide services.

Well-known employers include AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Caterpillar, 3-M, Kroger (grocery), Pepsi, and many others. With trucking jobs in the areas of agriculture, technology, and advanced manufacturing, those who earn their CDL may have a wide variety of jobs to consider applying for.

Want to know more about your opportunities in the Little Rock trucking industry? Contact the companies listed here to find the information you need to pursue the best job for you in trucking today!

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