Arizona Over The Road Jobs

Beginning an over-the-road trucking career in Arizona can allow you to drive all over the southwestern part of the country. You may even get to see other parts of the country if you get a long-term assignment! Arizona companies may be looking for OTR drivers that are comfortable driving in desert environments and working independently.

If you're interested in OTR trucking jobs in Arizona, it's important to learn more about the trucking industry in Arizona and what type of training you need. With the right training and preparation, you may be able to start a rewarding over-the-road driving job.

OTR drivers in Arizona may be able to look forward to a fantastic job outlook. O*Net expects job openings for tractor-trailer drivers to increase by 29%. This growth rate is more than two times higher than the national average (O*Net, 2010). Many of these job openings may be for OTR drivers.

The average salary for a tractor-trailer driver in Arizona is $39,700 per year (O*Net, 2013). The reported salary range goes from $29,200 to $57,100 per year (O*Net, 2013).

Your new career choice may give you the freedom to work at many employers throughout the state. These employers include local companies and national chains. Some of the largest OTR employers in Arizona are TCI Concepts, C.R. England, and Earl L. Henderson Trucking.

Featured Arizona Trucking Jobs
Weekly Pay, Flexible Home Time, Paid Vacation, Health Benefits, Bonus Incentives
Avg. 2,400 Miles/Week, Competitive Stop Pay , New Pay Package - Up to $.50 CPM, Sign On Bonuses vary by job and range from $2,000-$5,000!
Top Pay, Orientation & Training Pay, Driver & Family Focused, Late Model, CSA Friendly Equipment, 401K & Full Health Coverage, Tarp/OD/Hazmat Additional Pay

Over-the-road drivers may be the most in-demand drivers in the industry. With an OTR contract, you can travel to other states, transport loads across the country, and spend weeks away from home. Since you may be so far away from your home office and dispatcher, it's important to complete a training program that prepares you to work independently while on the road.

Trucking programs in Arizona are designed to teach you everything you need to know to become an OTR truck driver. Make sure to choose a program that teaches you how to inspect your truck, perform weight checks at weigh stations, provide the correct documentation at interstate stops, and load or unload your truck. These are just some of the skills you'll be expected to master as an OTR driver. In addition, you should gain experience driving in a variety of settings. Your career may take you out of the familiar roads of Arizona, so you want to be comfortable driving on many types of roads.

After you complete your training, you can go to the Motor Vehicle Division of the Arizona Department of Transportation. After taking a written exam and skills exam, you can get your CDL.