Alaska Over The Road Jobs

Alaska can be a wonderful state for people who want to begin a truck driving career. This large state has many remote communities and cities tend to be very far apart. The state's layout has created a significant need for trucking companies and professionals, since most people rely on the trucking industry to get them the goods they need. As an over-the-road driver, you may spend much of your time traveling to different cities in Alaska.

The job outlook in Alaska is fairly promising. O*Net anticipates a 10% increase in demand for tractor-trailer drivers. This statistic includes local and OTR truck driving jobs. You may find that the demand is greater for OTR drivers, since some truckers prefer to work close to home.

Alaska OTR drivers can benefit from a great salary range. Most truck drivers earn between $36,800 and $73,100 per year (O*Net, 2013). The average salary is $52,800 per year, which is over $10,000 higher than the national average (O*Net, 2013). Due to the need for OTR drivers, you may earn slightly more than local truck drivers.

Many trucking companies in this state hire OTR drivers. Employers in Alaska include Chenega, Carlile Transportation Systems, and Rush Truck Centers.

Before you can officially work as an OTR driver, you must earn your commercial's driver license. Although you may earn an interstate license, Alaska's location means that you'll only have to drive within this state. You may be able to find a truck driving job before you complete your training and earn your license. However, you cannot begin driving until you've met these requirements.

Whether you attend a company driving program or a third-party training program, you do need to learn how to drive a tractor-trailer. Trucking schools in Alaska provide the many skills you need to succeed as an OTR driver. Of course, you can learn about driving laws and safe driving techniques. However, you also learn how to keep proper records, check in at weight points, load and unload goods, and park your truck safely for the night. This training prepares you for long stretches of time spent away from home—most OTR drivers are on the road for 10 to 14 days at a time.

Upon completing your training, you can apply for your license at the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles. After passing the written general knowledge exam, you take a three-part skills exam. Getting your license permits you to take on an OTR driving job.