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Apply for Trucking Jobs in Fairbanks

Trucking is one of the largest industries in the entire United States, so why not learn more about Fairbanks truck driving jobs and find out if this is the right career path for you? We have information on many of Alaska’s largest truck driving jobs, from over-the-road jobs that take you all over the state to local jobs that allow you to stay in your city.

While preparing for a rewarding job in the truck driving industry, you can start by earning your CDL. Truck drivers in Alaska must have a commercial driver’s license through the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles. With one of the licenses available through this agency, you can drive a straight truck or tractor-trailer. If you add endorsements to your vehicle, you may even be able to drive specialized trucks or transport hazardous materials. Find out more about different trucking jobs in Alaska to find the right one for you!

Types of Trucking Jobs

When you become a truck driver, you have to choose a job type that fits your schedule and your career goals. If you want to stick to driving in your city and go home every night, consider applying for local jobs. Regional jobs may be the choice for you if you want to boost your earning income and take short trips that last up to one week each.

Over-the-road drivers are in high demand, so you may be in a great position to start your career if you’re interested in completing long trips and applying for OTR jobs.

Salaries for trucking careers depend a lot on which type of truck you drive in Alaska. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary for a Fairbanks light truck driver is $41,800 per year. Their estimates show an average salary of $55,340 per year for tractor-trailer drivers (BLS, 2013).

Join the Trucking Community!

While applying for truck driving jobs in Fairbanks, you should spend some time getting involved in your local community. This may help you learn about local trucking employers, like Waste Connections Inc., Airgas, and American Air Liquide.
To become part of the trucking industry in Fairbanks, consider joining the Alaska Trucking Association. This group supports members with ongoing training events, fun events and outings, and networking opportunities that help you meet major players in your industry. You may also meet other drivers by applying for team driving jobs, participating in driving competitions, and going to continuing education seminars.

Ready to start your career with an exciting trucking job? Check out local companies and start applying for Fairbanks trucking jobs.