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Start an Exciting Truck Driving Career in Anchorage

As one of the largest cities in Alaska, Anchorage is an important part of the statewide trucking industry. When you start your career in this area, you may be able to transport products to remote communities of Alaska, drive to other large cities, and work with local businesses. It all depends on which types of trucking jobs in Anchorage you’re interested in.

While looking through our job listings, you can see that we have several types of jobs available. These jobs may involve transporting hazardous materials, driving a flatbed truck, making multiple stops in one day, or traveling long distances.

The first step to applying for local, regional, or OTR jobs is getting your commercial driver’s license. If you do not yet have a CDL, you can get started at the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles.

Keep reading to learn more about trucking jobs and start applying!

Types of Trucking Jobs

Due to Alaska’s large size and rugged terrain, there are many in-demand Anchorage truck driving jobs. Over-the-road jobs tend to be most plentiful, as companies need drivers who are willing to spend up to three weeks on the road for each trip. If you go this route, you may get a full week off every month to spend time with your family. Regional jobs require slightly shorter trips—most last just a few days and no more than a week. Drivers who take on local jobs can return home on a nightly basis.

As you begin applying for trucking jobs, you may wonder about what type of income you can earn in this field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary for a light truck driver is $38,910 per year. Tractor-trailer drivers claim a median income of $55,170 per year (BLS, 2013).

Join the Trucking Community!

Meeting up with other drivers can help you learn about trucking standards in Alaska, learn about different types of trucking careers, and meet up with company owners and successful drivers. Look into joining the Alaska Trucking Association or a similar group. Doing so may give you access to low-cost training events and networking events, both of which can have a great impact on your career.

Throughout the course of your career, you may come into contact with various trucking companies. Some of the largest in this area include Waste Connections, Airgas, and American Liquide.

If you’re excited to start your trucking career and start contributing to this strong industry, get started today! Apply for local truck jobs and find out what opportunities are waiting for you.