Alabama Over The Road Jobs

If you're looking into an over-the-road truck driving career in Alabama, this state may have many opportunities for you to consider. There are many trucking companies with locations in this state that send truckers to nearby states or all over the country. The state has five schools with trucking programs. However, many employers offer on-site training to new employees that are not yet licensed. If you're ready to begin the search for an over-the-road trucking job, read on to learn more about the trucking industry in Alabama.

In general, OTR drivers in Alabama earn higher salaries than those who drive locally or within the state. This is due to the extra time spent away from home and on the road. O*Net reports an average salary of $35,300 per year for Alabama OTR drivers. On the high end, drivers may earn up to $59,000 per year.

Trucking companies often have trouble filling OTR positions, since many drivers prefer to stay close to home. As a result, those who are willing to take on OTR positions may be able to claim a sign-on bonus or salary incentive. Some of the largest trucking companies in Alabama that hire OTR drivers include A&R Transport, Jacobson Transportation, and C.R. England.

Featured Alabama Trucking Jobs
Vacation Pay, $1,000 per week MINIMUM Guaranteed pay for 1st 4 weeks, 401k/profit sharing plan, Medical, dental, and vision insurance, Flights/Car Rental, Single rooms and all meals at Orientation covered
Vacation Pay, New Upside Pay program: 23 percent or CPM - whatever earns YOU more!, 401k/profit sharing plan, Medical, dental, and vision insurance, Flights/Car Rental, Single rooms and all meals at Orientation covered
Weekly Pay, Flexible Home Time, Paid Vacation, Health Benefits, Bonus Incentives
Lease Purchase Drivers earn six figure pay, No forced dispatch, Consistent home time, $0 money down and no credit check!
Sign On Bonuses vary by job and range from $2,000-$5,000!, Life Insurance, Disability and 401k - Plus Company Match , Paid Vacation, Family Owned, Driver Focused , Heath, Dental, and Vision Insurance, In Cab Internet Access
Avg. 2,400 Miles/Week, Competitive Stop Pay , New Pay Package - Up to $.50 CPM, Sign On Bonuses vary by job and range from $2,000-$5,000!
Top Pay, Orientation & Training Pay, Driver & Family Focused, Late Model, CSA Friendly Equipment, 401K & Full Health Coverage, Tarp/OD/Hazmat Additional Pay

As a truck driver, you must be licensed through the Alabama Department of Revenue. However, since over-the-road jobs tend to take you out of the state, you must also adhere to federal trucking laws that regulate the use of interstate roads and highways.

Over-the-road drivers often transport full trucks of goods to other states. As a result, you must be trained in the safe loading and unloading of freight. Most truck driving programs in Alabama provide this training and allow you to practice loading and unloading a truck. While crossing state lines and stopping at weigh stations, you may need to have your freight inspected for safety and legality. Your training should show you how to prepare for these checks.

Trucking safety is another core component of truck driving training. OTR drivers are often away from home for two weeks at a time, so you need to know how to keep yourself and your truck safe while on the road. While preparing for your new career, you may learn about finding a place to park your truck and sleep for the night.

After you complete your training, you should feel comfortable driving a truck. In addition, you should have a strong understanding of trucking laws and regulations. You can then apply for your Alabama commercial driver's license. If you are 21 or older, you can use this license for OTR jobs.