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Truck Driving Certifications

What Kind of Truck Driving Certifications Exsist?

You’ve likely been attracted to the field of truck driving because you’re aware that you can earn a pretty competitive salary in this field. However, if you’re willing to spend a little bit more time in school and take a couple of extra tests, you may be able to boost your income considerably. Many states have different trucking certifications you can earn to increase your per-mile pay and take on more competitive positions at a trucking company.


The majority of truck driving jobs involves driving single-trailer vehicles. However, a considerable amount of trucking companies have double or triple-trailer vehicles that they need driven to other states or other parts of the country. Few drivers are licensed to drive doubles or triples, so learning how to do so can make you an in-demand driver.

To become certified as a doubles/triples driver, you must complete additional training at trucking school to learn how to safely maneuver a vehicle with multiple trailers. This certification is regulated at the state level, so you’ll want to check with your state’s DMV for specific information on getting certified.

Tanker Trucking

Carrying liquids is an entirely different beast than transporting solids. The tiniest bit of error in loading or sealing a truck can lead to thousands of dollars being literally poured down the train. If you become certified to drive a tanker truck, you can learn how to safely transport liquids and fill in-demand driving positions around the country.

Certification is crucial in this specialty. If there’s a problem with your truck, you must have the skills to solve it promptly and minimize the amount of liquids lost to a spill or leak. You may need to prove your ability to handle situations through a skills test and a written test.


By far, a hazardous materials certification is the most difficult one to obtain. This is the only certification that is regulated at the federal level, so you have to go through many steps to become certified as a HAZMAT driver.

HAZMAT drivers transport all classes of hazardous materials, from gasoline and oils to flammable materials. Before you can begin this process, you have to pass a state and federal background check. Anything that might make you a risk with hazardous materials can prevent you from getting certified.

In addition, you must complete training that specifically relates to the transport of hazardous materials. This involves the completion of several exams. Once you have met these extensive requirements, you can become certified as a HAZMAT driver.

Though getting additional certification as a truck driver can take additional time or cost you more money upfront, it often pays off in many different ways. You may qualify for more desirable jobs with higher pay or better hours. In addition, you can become indispensable to your trucking company and make a name for yourself in your local trucking community.