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Truck Driver salaries can be an extremely varied list when truck drivers have their Class A CDL after training or school. CDL A is a classification breakdown of all the different types of driving classifications. CDL Classifications in A cover vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating that is 26,001 pounds or more and also is towing anything that is greater than 10,000 pounds.

Obviously, like any job on the market, a truck driver with experience can earn more than one with no experience or just student truck driving hours on the road. When job qualifications & questions are set for CDL Class A Truck Drivers a common question is what is your total Over The Road (OTR) Experience or Total Truck Driving experience. It’s common for people interested in truck driving to have found their passion in driving lower class types of trucks that don’t require a Class A CDL. This is where the total truck driving experience can come into play.

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CDL Endorsements for Class A

Class A CDL Diagram and DescriptionAnother very big factor in different salary ranges for Class A truck drivers are the different CDL Endorsements one can get along with their official DMV Commerical Drivers License. There are four main Class A Endorsements professional truckers go for to earn more money when driving for a living, they are:

  • Hazardous Materials / Hazmat = H Endorsement
  • Tank Vehicles / Tanker = N Endorsement
  • Double / Triple Trailers = T Endorsement
  • Air Brake Restriction = K Endorsement

CDL A Endorsement Salary Comparisons

If you want to get a general idea in what types of salary increases you can expect if you have different CDL Endorsements we compared them using the Indeed Salary Comparison tool and you see a general difference of $6,000 a year in annual salary difference. While this can be a little deceiving because many CDL A drivers get paid per mile, this certainly identifies that having a Tanker Endorsement or Hazardous Materials endorsement can greatly increase your pay as a truck driver. Demand for filling jobs in the Hazard & Tanker endorsement area are typically higher as well than just a Class A due to the lower potential employee availability with these classifications. In the comparison tool above you can see the CDL Tanker Salaries actually have about an 11% higher than average job posting rate than just CDL A job postings.

Another great resource to look into when trying to decipher what salaries and career outlooks are in the trucking industry is the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The only downside to the BLS in trucking is they have very general overviews of trucking jobs and don’t provide salary rates for different CDL Classifications or Endorsements. Nonetheless we still get a good general overview of a Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver salary that is states as $37,770 per year which is around $18.16 an hour. In 2010 the BLS stated that the overall job market had 1,604,800 jobs available to truck drivers. Even better news for anyone interested in the truck driving profession is the extreme growth statistics that are predicted by the BLS for 2010 – 2020 with a 21% growth rate which is must faster than most average jobs in the market. The 21% growth rate in truck driving jobs will add an expected 330,100 truck driver jobs on America’s highways increasing the demand and need for truck drivers to fill the seats of trucks on the road.

Class A CDL Job Availability & Demand

If the BLS 21% growth rate for trucking jobs isn’t enough to convince you there is strong demand in the trucking industry, we’ll take a look at some other ways to look at overall market for trucking. A company called WANTED Analytics keeps tight tabs on the trucking industry job market and how hard is to hire truckers and how many job postings are hitting the market. On November 6th, 2013 it was released in a post titled, “Jobs for Truck Drivers Get Harder to Recruit” that a new record of truck job postings had been reached. A new 4-year high was established in April 2013 with over 226,000 trucking job ads requesting qualified truckers but then in August of 2013 the record was set again with more than 272,000 jobs becoming available. In just 5 months that gives us a 20.35% increase in the amount of truck jobs that need to be filled.

Overall CDL A Salary Growth Rates

After digging into the growth in jobs that are expected to be available in the truck driving industry by the BLS and looking at Wanted Analytics breakdown of the job market increasing at incredible rates, you have to wonder about the salaries, are they increasing?

Taking a look at the National Salary trend tool that is provided by Indeed you can see that there is a definite increase when the graph shows in October 2011 the index was sitting at a 1.00 or below and then starts to quickly rise at quite a quickpace into the 1.20+ range in their index. What this tells us is that the salaries being posted fof Class A CDL Truck Drivers are going up as the demand outpaces the qualified truck drivers out there looking for work.