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How Long Does it Take to Get a CDL How much time will I need to commit to a CDL program? As you look into truck driving schools in your area, you may see that most truck driving programs are full-time. If you’re dedicating 40 hours a week to your truck driving training, you may […]

Scholarships and Grants for Truck Driving School Are there scholarships or grants available for trucking school? Coming up with the money to go to school can be intimidating, even if you know that it’s a great investment that can change your future. Luckily, the field of trucking has a significant shortage of drivers. Because of […]

CDL Training

AT Staff - 06/24/2015

CDL Training What will I learn in my CDL training? If you’ve never driven a straight truck or tractor-trailer before, it may seem fairly straightforward. As long as you drive safely and have a solid route to follow, you should be ready to go, right? Actually, CDL training is a comprehensive educational program that covers […]

Team Trucking Jobs

AT Staff - 03/27/2015

Team Trucking Jobs What are Team Truck Driving Jobs? Truck driving can be a very solitary job. While this is perfect for people who like to work alone, it can be very isolating for those who enjoy having company while working and who prefer to work as part of a team. If you like the […]

Lease Purchasing Trucking Job

AT Staff - 03/27/2015

Lease Purchasing Trucking Job What is a Lease Purchase Truck Driving Job? Whether you have been in the truck driving industry for years or you’re just starting your truck driving journey, you’ve likely considered the benefits of truck ownership. As a truck owner, you may be able to keep more of your pay, drive a […]

Tanker Trucking Jobs

AT Staff - 03/27/2015

Discover about Tanker Truck Driving Jobs Quite a few in-demand careers in the trucking industry involve the transportation of potentially hazardous materials and liquids. If you are willing to adhere to additional standards and laws while driving your truck, you may be a perfect fit for a tanker trucking job. If you are considering furthering […]

Reefer Trucking Job

AT Staff - 03/27/2015

Reefer Trucking Job Reefer Truck Driving Jobs Food is one of the main products transported by truck drivers. In some cases, food and perishable goods are transported clear across the country by skilled truck drivers. Driving a refrigerated truck (also known as a “reefer” in the trucking industry) requires extra responsibility and job tasks, so […]

Local Truck Driving Jobs Interested in a Local Truck Driving Job? Are you interested in driving a truck for a living but want to be able to return home on a daily basis? If you’re considering putting your driving skills to use in a local truck driving career, keep reading to learn more about what […]

Flatbed Trucking Jobs

AT Staff - 03/27/2015

Flatbed Trucking Jobs Discover what it is to be a Flatbed Truck Driver The majority of loads truckers haul can easily be transported by tractor-trailers. However, many companies produce goods that cannot be transported by traditional means, due to their size or shape. When this happens, companies turn to flatbed truck drivers. Flatbed trucks have […]

Dedicated Truck Driving Jobs

AT Staff - 03/27/2015

Dedicated Truck Driving Jobs Dedicated Trucking: Consistent, Reliable, in High Demand. As you look for the perfect truck driving job for your CDL class, your schedule, and your career goals, you may have come across dedicated truck driving jobs. Dedicated jobs are often in high demand among truckers, since they can give you reliability and […]