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CDL Training Near Casper

Move Into the Fast Lane with Truck Driving Schools in Casper

The city of Casper is home to two schools that offer trucking industry programs: Casper College and SAGE Truck Driving School. One school offers a diesel technology program and the other schools has a truck driving program. Overall, the average cost of tuition is $2,232, which is fully offset by the average scholarship award of $2,361. Whether you want to earn your CDL-A, endorsements (such as HazMat), or become a mechanic, you can find it in Casper!

Enroll in a CDL Program in Casper

These schools feature an average class size of 15 students, allowing you to work closely with instructors and peers. Program offerings vary between schools. At SAGE Truck Driving School, programs range from one week to ten weeks. Class B programs are shorter, while Class A programs tend to take longer. Plus, many schools have career placement services that can help you find the right employer after completing your program.

The Trucking Life in Casper

Casper currently has well over 57,813 residents. The city has a cost of living that’s 12% lower than the national average. Some of the largest trucking companies in this area include McKendree Trucking, Richardson Trucking, and Air Ride Trucking. Trucking salaries in Casper are considerably higher than the national average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the average salary for a heavy truck driver is $53,310 per year. They claim that light truck drivers earn an average of $33,820 per year (BLS, 2013).

Don’t wait to get in the driver’s seat and steer towards success in the trucking industry! Contact Casper College and SAGE Truck Driving School to learn more!