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CDL Training Near Sun Prairie

Sun Prairie is home to about 30,400 people, making it one of the mid-sized communities of Wisconsin. The cost of living is on par with the national average. Some of the biggest trucking employers are CPC Logistics, Good Ole Time Deliveries, Interstate Transportation Services, and R.P. Miller Transport.Wisconsin has one of the largest trucking industries in the entire country, with many small communities dedicated to trucking and shipping companies. Sun Prairie is one of those communities. You can choose from two driving schools: Diesel Driving Academy and Diesel Truck Driver Training School.

There are multiple training options at Diesel Truck Driver Training School. The complete CDL course runs for 10 hours every day and prepares you for all aspects of licensure. You can also take your driving test and physical through your course. The basic CDL class at this school is slightly shorter.The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that heavy truck drivers in this part of Wisconsin (A Madison suburb) earn a median salary of $44,580 each year. They also state that the average income for a light truck driver is about $36,920 (BLS, 2013).