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CDL Training Near Richfield

Richfield is a mid-sized city of 11,300 residents. Lots of important highways run through this city, including Highway 41, Highway 45, Highway 167, and Highway 175. You may need to become familiar with these highways during your career. Large trucking employers include Wetterau Homestead, Gator Transit, Topss, Rollin Transport, and Millis Transfer.Wisconsin, a state known for its food and manufacturing industries, obviously relies quite a bit on its trucking industry. If you live in the city of Richfield, you can attend one school to start becoming a truck driver. Millis Training Institute is associated with Millis Transfer, a local truck driving company. As a result, you can begin your career as soon as you graduate.

Millis Training Institute offers a number of benefits to its students. The program has a number of financing options available, and new classes start every Monday, so you can begin your training whenever you are ready.