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CDL Training Near Dunbar

Old Dominion Freight Line and Estes Express Line are two of the largest truck driving companies in Dunbar, offering you a variety of career opportunities. In addition, the cost of living in Dunbar is 20% below the national average. There are currently almost 7,900 people living in Dunbar.No matter where your trucking interests lie—in driving a truck or repairing them—Dunbar is the place to start your career. This city is home to two schools, one of which offers a truck driving program and one of which offers a diesel technology program. The average cost of tuition is $3,720 and students enjoy an average scholarship award of $1,200.

You can likely plan on completing your trucking education in about six weeks. The diesel technology program at Ben Franklin Career Center requires 1,320 clock hours. Most students graduate with one or two years of study.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tractor-trailer truck drivers in the Dunbar area have an average annual income of $40,810. The average annual salary for a light truck driver is $34,150 (BLS, 2013).