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CDL Training Near Clarksburg

Jack Casto Trucking, Kidd Trucking, Cove Run Contracting, and Bolner Delivery Services are just some of the large trucking and delivery companies located in Clarksburg. Wherever you begin your career, you may drive on local highways like U.S. Route 50 and West Virginia Highway 2. Clarksburg boasts a low cost of living.There are few career paths that allow you to get a job and start earning money just a few weeks or months after starting your education. Truck driving is one of those fields. If you want to become a Class A or Class B commercial driver, you can begin by attending PIA Trucking Program, the only truck driving school in Clarksburg.

Whether you decide to earn a Class A driver’s license or a Class B driver’s license, you can anticipate the same type of education in West Virginia. After mastering basic truck driving information and laws in the classroom, you can learn how to drive a straight truck or tractor-trailer.