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CDL Training Near Vancouver

Become a Diesel Mechanic in Vancouver

Becoming a diesel mechanic is an excellent way to become involved in Washington’s trucking industry and enjoy job security. In Vancouver, there is one school that offers a diesel technology program. Clark College has an average tuition cost of $3,650 and an average scholarship award of $569. Each class has an average of 18 students. Also ask if they offer career services that can help you find a job after you complete your training!

Choosing the Right Program

If you opt to complete a diesel technology program at Vancouver, there are three main programs you can choose from. A Certificate of Proficiency takes about one year. The two Associate’s degree options require two years of full-time study. This program offers evening classes as well as daytime courses.

Trucking Companies in Vancouver

Vancouver is a fairly large city, currently home to almost 131,000 residents. Several main highways run through this area, including State Highway 99 and I-205. Some of the biggest trucking companies in Vancouver are Mitchell Brothers Trucking Line, Vanport Trucking, and Alpine Transportation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers in the Vancouver area earn an average of $40,590 per year. The median income for light truck drivers is $35,510 (BLS, 2013).

Don’t wait to become a diesel mechanic in Vancouver. Contact Clark College today to learn more!