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CDL Training Near Woodford

Start Trucking in Woodford

Few industries offer the huge range of opportunities that the trucking industry offers. If you are ready to start a new career and start earning money right away, trucking may be the field for you. In Woodford, there is one truck driving school: CDS Tractor Trailer Training. This school offers a variety of training programs, including part-time weekend programs and full-time weekday classes.

Receive CDL Training in Woodford

CDS has an innovative approach to training. Rather than separating the classroom and driving experience, you can start getting driving experience on your very first day. By the time you graduate, you should feel completely comfortable driving a big rig. Even students who have their CDL-A may need to earn endorsements for employer qualifications. These can range from HazMat, passenger, and T endorsements. Contact CDS today to learn more about their range of programs!

Driving in Woodford

The small city of Woodford has just over 5,000 residents. The cost of living in this area is on par with the national average. Some of the largest trucking companies in Woodford include Browns Trucking, L.L. Carter and Son, and E.F. Thompson. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , those who drive heavy trucks in this area earn an average income of $41,620. Light truck drivers earn an average of $36,210 per year (BLS, 2013).

Don’t wait to learn more about the CDL programs in Woodford that are available to you! Contact the school below to learn more!