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CDL Training Near Manassas

Several prominent trucking routes run through Manassas, including Virginia State Route 234, I-95, and Virginia State Route 152. These routes are utilized by major area trucking employers, like JAF Carrier, VHI Inc, the Martin-Brower Company, and YRC. Manassas is a growing city that’s home to over 41,000 people.The state of Virginia has a large, thriving trucking industry that can provide you with many opportunities if you complete a truck driving program. The CDI Academy is the only truck driving school in this area. You can attend as a full-time student to get the training you need to succeed in the trucking industry.

There are several facets to a truck driving education. You may start with trucking laws and truck components. Once you move onto the open road, you learn a wide range of driving techniques. You can use these techniques on city roads and Virginia highways.