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CDL Training Near Duffield

Duffield is situated near many major highways, including U.S. Highway 23 and Clinch River Highway. This is a very small town, as it has under 100 residents. There are many large trucking companies in this area, including Hilton Trucking, Flanary & Sons Trucking, Superior Carriers, Roger Trucking, and Tidewater Transit.In just a few weeks, you can start a truck driving career that may take you all over the East Coast and the southern United States. Virginia has quite a range of truck driving opportunities for skilled drivers. R & O Truck Driver Training is the only truck driving school in the city of Duffield, Virginia.

When you attend R & O Truck Driver Training, you can look forward to a comprehensive education experience. After learning about driving laws and driving knowledge in the classroom, you can head out to the road and get dozens of hours of driving experience.