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CDL Training Near Annandale

Annandale is a mid-sized city of over 41,000 people. Quite a few state and national highways run through Annandale, so you may need to get familiar with Virginia State Route 236 and Lee Highway. Prominent employers in this city are AAA Courier Service, Boss Transport, and District Transportation.A career in diesel technology can be excellent for students that work hard, want to get plenty of hands-on experience, and are excited to work with large trucks in the transportation industry. Northern Virginia Community College is the only school in Annandale that offers this program. On average, tuition costs about $4,357 the average scholarship award is $970.

The diesel technology certificate at Northern Virginia Community College lasts for two full-time semesters. Your curriculum may include courses like Diesel Truck Electrical Systems, Air Brake Systems, Heavy Duty Suspension and Service, Power Trains, and Diesel Engine Systems 1.