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CDL Training Near Randolph Center

With major highways like Vermont Route 66 and Vermont Route 14, it’s clear that Randolph Center plays a major role in the state’s trucking industry. Local trucking companies include Bellavance Trucking, Stone Transportation, and Delbert Trucking. Over 5,000 people live in Randolph Center.Have you ever considered a career in diesel technology? If you are good with vehicles, have an eye for detail, and like to problem-solve, this may be the ideal field for you. One way to become a diesel mechanic is to attend a local diesel technology school. In Randolph Center, the only school with a diesel program is Vermont Technical College. This school has an average tuition rate of $12,024 and an average scholarship award of $3,969.

To earn a degree in diesel technology, you need to complete 63 credits. You may also be eligible for financial aid, including the Caterpillar Scholarship and the CRW Scholarship.