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CDL Training Near Sandy

Sandy is a fairly large city—it’s currently home to over 89,000 people. The cost of living in Sandy is on par with the national average. Utah State Route 71 and Utah State Route 210 run through this city. Local employers include V. K. Trucking, Mammoet USA, and Les Logistics.Are you looking for a new career path? If you’re hard-working, a safe driver, and willing to learn, you may be successful in a truck driving program. These programs can teach you how to safely drive straight trucks and trailer-tractors in Utah. In the city of Sandy, there is one school that offers truck driving programs: SAGE.

At SAGE Truck Driving School, there are several different training options. The most popular is a basic Class A course that lasts 150 hours. Classes range from 40 hours for a Class B license to 2,150 hours for an in-depth training option.