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CDL Training Near Orem

A variety of trucking and shipping companies are located in Orem, including PHD Trucking Services, Barlow Hauling, and Green River Trucking Corporation. Utah State Route 52 and I-15 are two of the most prominent highways in Orem, offering interstate access to the city’s 90,000 residents.The state of Utah looks to a number of trucking professionals to keep its economy running smoothly. You can become part of the state’s trucking industry by becoming a truck driver or diesel mechanic. There are two schools in this area that offer diesel technology and trucking programs. The average cost of tuition in this city is $4,786 and the average scholarship award is $3,959.

To become a diesel mechanic, you can choose from three degree options at Utah Valley University. You can complete a certificate in just one year or an Associate’s degree in two years. The third option is a four-year Bachelor’s degree.