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CDL Training Near Kaysville

There are many large highways that run through Kaysville, including Highway 89, I-215, and Utah Highway 328. Some of the most important local trucking employers include May Trucking Company, Anderson Trucking Services, and Oborn Transfer. The cost of living in Kaysville is slightly lower than the national average.There are many roles to be played in the trucking industry of Utah. In addition to truck drivers, there are diesel mechanics. Diesel mechanics are relied upon to keep trucks running smoothly. There is one school in Kaysville that can give you an education in diesel technology: Davis Applied Technology College.

The diesel technology program at Davis Applied Technology College requires 13 months of full-time study. By the time you graduate, you will have completed 1,170 hours of experience. There are many types of financial aid in this program, including private scholarships, Pell grants, and federal loans.Trucking professionals that opt to drive heavy trucks in this part of Utah earn a median income of $40,550 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). Light truck drivers claim a median salary of $29,790 (BLS, 2013).