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CDL Training Near Cedar City

Cedar City is a large community in Utah that’s currently home to 29,000 people. Old Highway 91 and Utah State Route 56 cut through Cedar City. Major trucking employers in Cedar City include Dats Trucking, Estes Express Lines, Southern Idaho Transport, and Roger J. Murie Trucking.If you live in Cedar City, there’s one school you can attend to become a truck driver: Southwest Applied Technology Center. This school boasts an average scholarship award of $2,050, which can significantly reduce your educational costs. The truck driving program costs about $3,063.

The professional truck driving program at Southwest Applied Technology Center lasts 240 hours. This means that you can attend school for six weeks. Since you must attend class for 40 hours each week, you may need to dedicate your time fully to the truck driving program. Many of your 240 hours are spent on the road.