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CDL Training Near Waco

Degree Options for Diesel Students

Texas State Technical College is the one college in the Waco area with diesel technology programs. Tuition costs an average of $3,342, which is offset by the average scholarship award of $1,017. If you just want an introduction to the diesel field, you can earn a certificate in just 18 credits. This program also offers an Associate’s degree program and a Certificate of Completion program. Courses you may take include Shop Safety and Procedures, Small Engine Two Stroke Overhaul, and Small Air Cooled Engines.Want to Become a Diesel Technician in Waco?

Whether you want to fix diesel vehicles in a garage or travel to broken-down trucks around Texas, your journey may start with a diesel technology degree in Waco. Waco can give you access to some of the biggest trucking companies in Texas. Ready to look into an exciting new career in this field? Our Waco diesel school listings can help you!Diesel Careers in Waco

Upon completing your education, you may want to explore some of the employment opportunities in Waco. Local diesel employers include Cecil Atkission Motors, Cowboy Chrysler Dodge Jeep, and A&R Transport. These employers may send you to major Waco roads, including U.S. Highway 77, State Highway 6, State Highway 164, and Interstate 35.

You may find Waco an extremely affordable city to live in. The cost of living in this city is currently almost 20% below the national average. Despite this, salaries in Waco tend to be fairly close to national averages. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that diesel mechanics in this city earn an average of $43,040 per year.

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