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CDL Training Near Roseberg

Start Your Driving Career with Top-Notch Training!

As the United States comes to rely more and more on the trucking industry, the demand for truck drivers is growing rapidly. You may have been looking for the perfect career for you; with four to eight weeks of study, you can become a truck driver. In Roseberg, Amtex CDL Services offers truck driving classes. To find out more about their programs, contact them as quickly as possible to speak with their instructors. You should tell them what your goals are so they can help you understand the training you need and the companies you should purse employment from.

Choose the Right Truck Driving Program in Roseberg

There are two types of trucking licenses you can pursue. A Class A license is the most flexible, as it prepares you for almost every truck driving job. A Class B license has a few more restrictions, but it still gives you the skills you need to succeed in this industry. Whether you want to get your Class A or start with your Class B, there’s only one way to get your career in gear – contact Amtex today.

Drive Towards Success in Roseberg

The city of Roseberg has over 30,000 residents. When you start your career here, you can look forward to a cost of living that’s 21% below the national average. There are quite a few major highways that run through Roseberg, including Highway 36 and Highway 59. Many truck drivers in the Roseberg area earn lucrative salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that heavy truck drivers earn an average income of $47,140 per year. Drivers of light trucks earn, on average, $34,340 (BLS, 2013).

Don’t wait to pursue the training you need to get the job you want. Contact Amtex today!