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CDL Training Near Merkel

Driving in Merkel, TX

The rural community of Merkel is backed by companies like Dunagin Transport and Bandera. The main highway in this area is Interstate Highway 20, which gives truckers access to Texas and the rest of the southwestern United States. Merkel is also a very affordable city; the cost of living is 24% lower than the national average, making a possible truck driving career a potential to be lucrative since most companies pay based on how many miles you drive.

Find Truck Driving Schools in Merkel, Texas

Currently, there is one school in Merkel, Texas that can give you the truck driving education you need to get your CDL: Action Career Training. When you attend this school, you can get your Class-A driver’s license, allowing you to drive large tractor trailer vehicles. Action Career Training prepares you for licensure with 1,600 hours of education, split between the classroom and the truck. You can generally complete your training in less than one year.

Make Your Trucking Career A Reality

There are also many funding options, so you don’t necessarily have to pay everything out-of-pocket for this school. You may qualify for financing, employer tuition reimbursement, the Texas Workforce Commission funding, or the Workforce Investment Act. The best way to learn your options is to speak with representatives of schools in your area to learn how they approach training. You’ll also want to learn what relationships they have with local companies. In many cases, the school can help you get your foot in the door to your first job after completing your training.

Also consider looking outside of the city limits of Merkel for truck driver training. If you’re looking for a career on the road, you should consider truck driving schools in surrounding towns that you could easily drive to in a day. Use the City links on the page to look at schools in the surrounding communities as well.

When choosing a school it is important to compare things like the aforementioned costs and financial aid, company relationships, and hours for completion. It is also wise to consider asking questions regarding class sizes, graduation rates, equipment that will be used, and number of years in business. These factors can be good indicators of whether or not the school is a quality school.

Finally, be sure to consider what kind of driver you want to be. Companies often recruit drivers with special endorsements more heavily, and they tend to pay more due to their unique driving requirements. Schools can offer training for these endorsements such as HazMat and duel tractor trailer. If you want to increase your odds of getting hired on somewhere, and I am sure you do, these can be a good bullet point to stand out on your application.

If you become a heavy truck driver in the Merkel area, you may join a group of professionals that earn an average income of $39,460 per year (BLS, 2013). Those that drive light trucks earn an average of $23,730 per year (BLS, 2013).

Let’s find the best way for you to move forward in your career. Contact the school below to learn more about their program!