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CDL Training Near Laredo

Laredo truck drivers are expected to know their way around local highways like Texas Highway 260, Texas Highway 400, and U.S. Route 83. There are many local employers, including Pan American Express, Falcon Transport, and America Transportation Group. Residents enjoy a cost of living that is currently 23% below the national average.The community of Laredo is home to four truck driving and diesel mechanic schools, including three schools that offer small class sizes to students. This may help you get more hands-on or driving hours! The average cost of tuition is $3,900 and the average scholarship award is $1,391.

You can choose from several different programs, so it’s easy to pick a school that fits into your schedule. At Laredo Community College, there are two choices. You can complete a one-year certificate in diesel electronics or a one-year certificate in heavy truck undercarriage.

CDL Training Near Laredo

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