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CDL Training Near Harlingen

Harlingen is a fairly large Texas city that is currently home to over 65,600 people. The city also features a very low cost of living. U.S. Route 77 is the main trucking route in this city, and it’s utilized by local trucking companies like Con-Way Freight and Chico Trucking.You may have considered a career in the trucking industry in the past—if you haven’t taken the leap yet, now may be the time to do so. The field is growing rapidly, possibly creating many new job opportunities for drivers. If you live in the city of Harlingen, you can look into attending International School. This school has a thorough truck driving program that lasts for 200 hours.

While you can plan on spending your classroom time with your peers, your driving hours at International School are often completed independently with your driving instructor. Since the school has small class sizes, you can often get extra help if you need it.