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CDL Training Near Garland

Get Moving with the Trucking Industry in Garland

Becoming a truck driver involves taking a thorough training course and passing the DMV’s required driving exam. In Garland, you can get the education you need at two different schools: ATDS and Career Education Truck Driver Training. After completing a training program at one of these schools, you’ll have the knowledge and driving skills you need to get a commercial driver’s license.

Get Real Road Experience

It’s important to note that there are two parts to every driving course. At ATDS, for example, you spend 20 days in the classroom. You then complete 140 hours of driving behind the wheel of a truck. Contact ATDS and Career Education Truck Driver Training to learn more about their programs, and companies they work with to provide career placement assistance.

Hit the Road in Garland

With new weigh stations going up all over Texas, it’s no surprise that Garland is an important trucking city. In total, over 233,000 people live in Garland. You can enjoy low housing costs in this area. Some of the largest highways in Texas run through Garland, including I-30, I-635, and Texas State Highway 78. Trucking professionals that drive tractor-trailers in the Garland area earn an average salary of $40,120 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). Those who opt to drive light trucks report an average income of $32,620 (BLS, 2013).

Find the right truck driver training in Garland. Contact the schools below to hit the road!