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CDL Training Near Beeville

Since Beeville is home to large trucking employers like Zeke’s Trucking Company and Sylva Ruben Hauling, it can be a great city for new truck drivers and diesel mechanics. Highways that go through this area include Texas State Highway 59 and Texas State Highway 202. As a resident of this city, you can enjoy a very low cost of living.If you live in Beeville and you’re ready to begin a career in the trucking industry, there is one nearby school that you can attend to get a jump start on your career: International Schools. This school offers a professional driver training program that can thoroughly prepare you for licensure as a truck driver.

One of the benefits of attending a dedicated school like International School is its connections with local truck driving employers. The school maintains a list of over two dozen truck driving companies that hire recent graduates. They note that some of these schools even offer tuition reimbursement.