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CDL Training Near Whitewell

Whitewell is a rural community with just over 1,700 residents. Like many other rural communities, it sports a low cost of living. Tennessee Highway 108 and Highway 28 both run through this city. Prominent employers include Tiger Transport, RAW Motor Carriers, and Mark Billingsley Trucking.Have you ever wanted to start a career that offers job security, the ability to travel around the country, and the possibility of earning a lucrative salary? Now may be the time to look into a truck driving career in Tennessee. Whitewell can be a promising city for new truck drivers. There is one truck driving school in this area—Learn 2 Drive.

Learn 2 Drive is conveniently located on one of the main highways in Whitewell, giving you the opportunity to learn how to drive on city roads and highways. Whether you pursue a Class A license or Class B license, your class should contain many driving hours.