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CDL Training Near Kingsport

The mid-sized city of Kingsport is home to over 51,000 people. Highways in this area include Tennessee Highway 75 and U.S. Route 11. Major companies in this area include Superior Carriers, Transport Service Company, Rowe Trucking, and Tidewater Transit Company.Are you looking for a way to start a new career and earn money in just a few weeks? In Kingsport, there’s one dedicated truck driving school you can attend to prepare for your commercial driver’s license exams. United Truck Driving School offers three main programs. The main Class A program is made up of 186 hours. The shorter Class A program lasts for 160 hours and the Class B program lasts for 120 hours.

There are several types of financial aid and financing at this school. There is a discount for those that pay in full and you may be able to apply for state funds.