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CDL Training Near Sumter

Step into a a Big Rig in Sumter

Getting a comprehensive education in truck driving can set you up for a great career in a rapidly growing industry. At Central Carolina Truck Driver Training, you can get a comprehensive classroom education in addition to hands-on driving experience. So if you are looking for truck driving schools in Sumter, contact Central Carolina today to discuss the benefits of their programs! And if you already have your CDL-A, you may be able to earn additional endorsements that meet employer qualifications. Some endorsements include: HazMat, T (semi-trailor), P (Passenger), and others.

Finding the Right Truck Driver Training in Sumter for You

The length of your program depends on what type of license you want to earn. If you plan on earning a Class B license, you can plan on spending about one to two weeks in school. To earn a Class A license, you should expect a three to six week commitment. Both types of programs include over 100 hours of driving experience.

The Trucking Life in Sumter

Sumter has well over 40,000 residents that enjoy a very low cost of living. Major highways in this city include South Carolina Highway 120 and South Carolina Highway 260. Some of the biggest trucking companies include Sumter Transport, Best Transportation Services, and Freehold Cartridge. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 350 heavy truck drivers in Sumter, earning an average of $31,870 per year. There are more than 200 light truck drivers in this city with an average income of $23,180 per year (BLS, 2013).

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