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CDL Training Near Pendleton

Pendleton has a cost of living that’s almost 20% below the national average. About 3,000 people call this city home. South Carolina Highway 76 and South Carolina Highway 88 go through Pendleton. Some major employers include Midland Transport, S & L Transportation, and Commercial Plant Relocators.Would you like to start a rewarding new career that doesn’t require years of education or training? Perhaps it is a good time to look into the field of truck driving. The city of Pendleton has one truck driving school that can prepare you for this job: Tri-City Tech Truck Driver Training.

As a truck driving student, you should expect lots of experience by the time you graduate. While you may start out in an off-road training area, you can quickly move onto local roads and then onto local highways. This experience can make you feel comfortable behind the wheel of a truck.