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CDL Training Near Newberry

Newberry is a mid-sized city of about 10,200 people. South Carolina Highway 34, South Carolina Highway 395, and South Carolina Highway 121 are the main highways in this area. Local employers include Senn Freight Lines, Alton H. Piester, Adonai’s Trucking, and Williams Brother Trucking.As a truck driver in South Carolina, you may be able to drive all over South Carolina, North Carolina, and other nearby states. To start, look into a truck driving school in your area. Transport Training is the one trucking school in the city of Newberry. It is located on one of the city’s main highways, giving you lots of driving opportunities.

As a truck driving student in Newberry, you can plan on earning your license in two to eight weeks. A Class B license can take two weeks or less of study, while a Class A license may take up to eight weeks.