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CDL Training Near Lexington

Lexington is a city that boasts a low cost of living, making it popular with its 19,000 residents. Some of the highways that run through this city are U.S. Route 1 and State Highway 378. Kenan Transport, Charles Gantt Trucking, Southern Expediting, and Wilson Trucking are local trucking employers.Are you ready to start a fulfilling career in one of South Carolina’s biggest industries? You may be looking for a job in truck driving. This field is growing quickly in this state, offering drivers the opportunity to drive in South Carolina or around the country.

The one school located in the city of Lexington is SAGE Truck Driving School. This school has several types of financial aid that you may be able to use. They offer school loans, workforce training grants, and payment plans. Some trucking companies partner with SAGE and pay for future employees’ tuition.