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CDL Training Near Clearwater

Jump in the Driver’s Seat in Clearwater!

With one major truck driving school in the area, Clearwater may be the ideal city for prospective truck drivers. This school offers small class sizes, which allows you to better interact with your instructors and spend more time behind-the-wheel. All in all, you may spend about 150 hours in the classroom and 100 hours in a truck. If you are looking for truck driving programs in Clearwater, contact Carolina Driving Academy today to learn more about their offerings. Students who want to earn their CDL-A, endorsements (such as HazMat), and other qualifications, can prepare for a new career on the road in just weeks.

Hit the Road in Clearwater

Throughout the course of your training program, it’s important to keep your future career goals in mind. You can use the career counselor at Carolina Driving Academy to help you prepare for your job search. They may even help you set up interviews. Plus, when you contact them, they can talk to you about the kinds of opportunities that are available in your area. There are several types of trucking jobs that can fit different lifestyles that truckers are looking for. Make sure you are clear about your goals from the get-go so you can create a plan for success!

Earning a Living Trucking in Clearwater

With its low cost of living and access to local amenities, Clearwater is a popular city for truck drivers. About 4,300 people currently call Clearwater home and navigate its major highways, including South Carolina Highway 126 and South Carolina Highway 421. A & L Transportation and Saia LTL Freight are two of the biggest trucking employers in this city.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, heavy truck drivers in this region earn an average of $41,160 per year. Estimates indicate that light truck drivers earn an average salary of $29,450 each year (BLS, 2013).

Don’t wait to find the right truck driving program in Clearwater! Contact Carolina Driving Academy today to learn more!