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CDL Training Near Williamsport

Williamsport is a fairly sizable city of 29,000 people. Its cost of living is well below the national average. U.S. Route 220 and I-180 are major trucking routes in this area. Local employers include Trenco, Bulkmatic Transport, Robert Williams Trucking, and Mark Updegraff Trucking.The state of Pennsylvania has a transportation industry that relies on the expertise and dedication of a range of professionals. If you’re interested in the mechanical workings of vehicles, you may be interested in becoming a diesel mechanic. Pennsylvania College of Technology is the only diesel school in this area, with an average tuition cost of $14,370 and an average scholarship award of $1,444.

You should plan on being in school for two years to earn an Associate’s degree in diesel technology. Courses include Diesel Engine Technology, Fuel Systems, Introduction to Hydraulics, and Truck Tractor Chassis and Alignment.