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CDL Training Near Tannersville

With huge trucking employers like Celtic Transport Corporation, Newell Trucking, C. Steven Hutter Transport, and Gary W. Gray Trucking, Tannersville has a large trucking industry. Highways in this area include Pennsylvania Highway 611 and I-80. Tannersville is a small city of 3,200 people.If you’ve ever put off a new career because you don’t want to spend years in school, maybe it’s time to look into a career in truck driving! Rather than dedicating years of your life to school, you can earn a commercial driver’s license in a matter of weeks. In the city of Tannersville, there is one school that can give you the education you need: Northampton Community College.

The curriculum at a truck driving school can give you a wide variety of skills. You may learn how to navigate a truck in a variety of settings and how to follow state driving laws.